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Penfield's Medical Assistance team is comprised of nurses case managers, assistance coordinators and physicians with experience in emergency travel care.  We use an evidence based care management approach to ensure our health providers are following proper care guidelines through remote Utilization Review.  Our ultimate goal is to get our patients back home for the continuance of care as long as it is in the best interest of the patient given their existing medical status.

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Penfield offers an air ambulance solution through a coordinated effort involving a network of air ambulance providers.  The process in selecting an air ambulance for a particular transfer depends on many variables but the primary factor is based off what is best for the patient's medical outcome.

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In today's highly competitive environment, an effective 'Global Loss Recovery' solution is an essential part of any truly effective cost containment program.  To accommodate this reality, every claim we process is reviewed by our specialists for recovery opportunities. Whether a matter involves recovery of non fault benefits, asserting 'priority on risk' or other 'coordination of benefits' type claims with another insurer on a given risk or suit in any lawful jurisdiction worldwide for losses incurred as a result of the tortious act of a liable third party, our network of dedicated specialists deliver economic results for our clients.



The Penfield Assistance team can also provide a customized solution for all of your assistance needs such as flight and accommodation coordination, the scheduling of appointments, return of vehicle to name a few.

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Penfield provides a claims administration service to handle all your claims management needs.   Veritas allows our clients to closely monitor and engage in the claims process.  We provide a full suite of claims management functions through a highly  efficient process with industry best reporting capabilities.



Establishing a relationship with our members and their families is essential in ensuring a smooth flow of communication.  Ensuring the proper delivery of care and looking out for the best interest of the patient and their families takes precedence and ultimately contributes to a positive outcome both clinically and financially.

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